Dec 07

Long Island Magazine features Local Author, Michael Medico’s Release of “The Sainted,” Book One of a Trilogy

New York, NY – When you are eight years old, raised in a close Italian family, and attending a Catholic grade school in the Bronx, the epic battle between what is good and evil in this world is simply a part of what you learn in school. For Chris Pella however, these lessons come to life in a way he never expected. Author Michael Medico, takes the reader on Chris’ journey, from the moment his life was changed forever to his confrontation with the human embodiment of evil itself.

“In THE SAINTED, the author takes the reader on a terror filled journey which ends in an epic showdown with Satan and his demon hoard. We are very excited to represent Michael’s book sale to IBooks, Brick Tower Press and J. Boylson & Company for publishing his book for film sale to a studio.” – Alan Morell, Creative Management Partners

Chris Pella has a secret. He can communicate with the Saints through vivid, sometimes frightening visions that have overtaken him since childhood. It can happen in the blink of an eye that Chris is transported back in time where he learns from the men and women who would, thousands of years later, become blessed icons of the Catholic Church. Now, as a grown man, this secret remains his but when a close friend’s granddaughter goes missing, Chris must use his gift to find her.

The mystery unravels as characters, including Beth, a beautiful nurse, his Uncle Al, Suffolk County Chief of Detectives and Julian, the demonic presence enter into Chris’ life. What he must confront and what he is needed to do will change him forever and test his deepest-held convictions. Chris, aided by detective and surrogate father Uncle Al, is ultimately faced with a final confrontation that will leave his soul hanging in the balance.

“The evil concocted in THE SAINTED is real… It is the ultimate evil that tries to draw man into its sphere, making him comfortable, promising power, all the while luring him or her beyond that point where they can be redeemed… It is this horror that our hero is forced to confront and it is this evil that tests his resolve to fight for his very soul and the soul of someone he loves.” – Michael Medico

Addressing larger issues of faith and morality against the colorful backdrop of the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue, Huntington and Northport on Long Island’s North Shore, Medico creates a world that is “A Bronx Tale” meets “True Detective”, meets “Millions”. His diverse characters and the haunting questions raised will remain with readers long after the story has ended and set an intriguing foundation for a series of more stories to come.

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