Dec 15

New Novel, “The Sainted”, by Northport author Michael Medico

From the Huntington Patch:

Brick Tower Press is pleased to announce the release of the new suspense thriller, “The Sainted.”  The Sainted tells the tale of a young boy, Chris Pella, that through visions and encounters can communicate with saints of the Church that have lived throughout the centuries.  In these visions the saints tell him his purpose in life is help those in need and to fight evil and as he becomes a man, that’s what he does.

Medico is quoted as saying, “The evil concocted in The Sainted is real.  It is the ultimate evil that tries to draw men into its sphere, making him comfortable, promising power, all the while luring him or her beyond the point where they can be redeemed.  It is this horror that our hero is forced to confront and it is this evil that tests his resolve to fight for his very soul and the soul of someone he loves.

Medico’s diverse characters and haunting questions raised will remain with the readers long after the story has ended and set an intriguing foundation for a series of more stories

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