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Jan 28

“The Sainted” Author Interviewed on The John Gomez Show

Michael Medico, author of the novel “The Sainted” was interviewed by talk show host and commentator John Gomez on his daily radio talk show.  The interview aired Wednesday January 27th on WRCN-FM and can be heard on the mp3 file above.  The Sainted novel is published by Brick Tower Press and I Books, John Colby, Publisher.  Michael Medico is represented by Creative Management Group, Alan Morrell CEO

Jan 20

The Sainted in the News

The following is  the latest news regarding “The Sainted” as a number of exciting things have happened since the holidays.  The book continues to receive press as well as interviews that we want to share with you:

There will be a book signing at “Book Revue” (Long Island’s Largest Independent Book Store) sometime in late February or early March (date to be determined).  Hope to see you there. “Long Island Magazine” published the press release in December Author was interviewed for TBR Newspapers by Melissa Arnold and will be published near the date of the book signing “The Sainted” is now available online at Tower Books Author is being interviewed on the “The John Gomez Show” on Thursday January 21, 2016 at 12:35P.