THE SAINTED is an epic novel, a tale as old as time itself.

The story takes the reader through the journey of a young man, Chris Pella, and the secret that he can never reveal.

Chris Pella is a happy, well-adjusted typical fourteen-year-old. His grandparents came from Italy, settled in the Bronx and eventually moved to Long Island when he was eight years old. Chris has wonderful parents whom he loves and, all in all, he is perfectly normal except for one thing; he can communicate with THE SAINTED.

In his first vision Chris is transported to ancient Cilicia in the 4th century AD. There Chris meets Saints Cosmas and Damian, doctors and twin brothers, and he witnesses them perform a miracle. In the same vision the young boy is transported to a gathering of THE SAINTED. Chris is stunned to see thousands of spirits appear and it is at this gathering they tell him of his purpose in life and that purpose is to fight evil.

As the years pass, he witnesses the lives and miracles of THE SAINTED. They teach the young man through vivid, puzzling, even frightening visions of the sacrifices Chris will have to make and how these lessons will have meaning in our hero’s life. Chris carries this secret and it is only when the granddaughter of his close friends goes missing he realizes that he will need to confront the hellish malevolence that will force him to come to terms with his purpose in life.

Throughout the book the reader is introduced to people who impact Chris’s life; Uncle Spartaco “Al” Barese, the Chief of Detective for Suffolk County, NY, Beth Della Russo, a stunningly beautiful nurse with whom there is an immediate and mutual attraction. The reader will also meet Julian, Satan in human form, who comes from the depths of hell in his eternal battle with God over the souls of man.

THE SAINTED is a story filled with the vileness of human depravity, torture, murder, vicious gangs who deal in child prostitution and drugs all with roots in the ultimate evil. THE SAINTED is also a story of loyalty, bravery, family and of the love two people can have for each other. It ends in an epic confrontation with Satan and his demon hoard. In this final battle Chris must face up to his convictions, his love for a beautiful woman and even his belief in God and THE SAINTED.